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1. Environmentally Friendly - A solution that saves water and the environment, deodorizes and sterilizes simultaneously without chemicals. Unlike conventional methods, large amounts of contaminated wastewater are not released into drains to pollute the environment.


2. Save water - Water is one of the most valuable resources of humanity, but today its availability is threatened by several factors. Water is a finite resource and should not be wasted unnecessarily.
Water consumption for traditional systems of pressure washing is about 150 to 150 liters per hour, while water consumption of steam cleaning machines is about 5 l/hr







Steam cleaning machines consume only three liters of water for each car, without producing any waste water. Thanks to the total absence of waste water, steam machines can be used where water is not plentiful. Special permits for water use are not required. It's time to give water the careful thought it deserves. Our contribution is to offer the best clean, green solution to water pollution.


3. Economical - Save time and money with a deeper cleaning. Wash more cars in less time with two steam nozzles. Shorter cleaning times ensure customer satisfaction and more vehicles are cleaned per day.

4. Deep cleaning - Carpet cleaners have many advantages compared to conventional cleaning. They can be used on leather seats too. The vapor sanitizes and deodorizes while removing stains and nicotine odors without the use of harsh chemicals.


5. Mobile Due to mobility customer can get a steam cleaner on the spot and at a time that suits them, thus saving time and money.







6. Flexibility - Mobile steam cleaners are not just for ordinary vehicles. Steam is not abrasive and therefore suitable for classic cars, luxury limousines, motorcycles, or boats. This safe procedure leaves a scratch resistant, bright and clean surface.







7. Fight Allergies - Thermal shock kills ticks and fleas that can hide in clothing and removes bacteria, fungi and mites that cause allergic diseases.

Today carwash can be calm and easy

Services & Pricing

Exterior wash

We wash your car with steam - that means reducing or completely avoiding degreasing agents or the use of shampoo. The wash covers the whole car: wheels, tires, wheel wells, mirrors, etc.

299 KR

Interior wash

Includes vacuuming the entire cabin and luggage space, cleaning and dressing vinyl & plastic, carpet cleaning and light upholstery cleaning, windows and mirrors, ventilation systems, door sills etc.

299 KR

Ut + In.

550 KR

Tire & plastic dressing

Dressing provides solid protection and a deep, rich luster on all colored plastic and rubber surfaces. Beneficial for bumper covers, trim, tires, and window seals.

199 KR

Interior reconditioning L - Leather & fabric upholstery

Deep cleaning of leather seats or fabric upholstery, carpet and trunk wash, and deep vacuuming with the TORNADOR BEAST system. Treatment with leather conditioner or fabric protection

1599 KR

Engine and Engine bay wash

Washing and dressing of the engine and engine spaces.

399 KR

Windshield treatment

The windshield will be cleaned and polished. Then, we treat it with a water-repellent glass sealer

499 KR


Polishing and cleaning


Today, there is so much talk about protecting the environment and conserving water as one of the most important global resources. Traditionally, car washes do not fit with this goal, because not only does a typical car wash consume up to 150 liters of water, but there is also the fact that this chemically contaminated water flows directly to the sewer. Our mission is to strive for quality that satisfies car owners, and also for the preservation of the environment that directly affects the quality of life for our children and future generations.

Benefits of steam

Hand wax

We apply a professional carnauba wax reinforced with non-stick extra protection, which protects the paint by repelling pollutants, dirt, insects, bird droppings, and hard water stains (scale).

399 KR

Rim protection

Our treatment quickly results in a polished and protected wheel that repels brake dust.

299 KR

Interior reconditioning XL - Leather & fabric upholstery

Deep cleaning of leather seats or fabric upholstery, carpet and trunk wash, and deep vacuuming with the TORNADOR BEAST system. Impregnation of leather or fabric upholstery

1999 KR


Lämplig för olika typer av fordon

Exterior wash299 KR

Interior wash299 KR

+550 KR

Hand Wax399 KR

Tire & plastic dressing199 KR

Rim protection299 KR

Interior reconditioning
1599 KR

Interior reconditioning
1999 KR

Engine and Engine bay wash399 KR

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*All prices include VAT.

*Ask about our Loyal Customer Discount.

*20% premium for larger vehicles such as SUVs, vans, pick-up trucks, etc.

*For caravans, boats, and motorcycles, prices vary according to size.

*Fleet/corporate customers should send a request including the number of cars and car size.

*Acceptable methods of payment are invoice, cards or cash.

Motorcycle wash

Vehicle wash and treatment of leather seats. If desired, all chrome parts can be polished (extra charge applies)

399 KR

Headlight restoration

Worn and yellowing headlights are sanded and polished until scratches and road grime are removed. Then, we treat the surface with a sealer.

800 KR/PAR


We only use 3-4 gallons of water

We perform our jobs with our customers on-site

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